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Auto Tint Packages:

Style doesn’t have to fade.

You’ve got plans for your car. You want to drive it for years to come, and we want to make sure that it looks as sleek as you are comfortable. That’s why FormulaOne Classic window tints are an excellent option for any ride. The optical clarity, scratch resistance, UV protection, and glare reduction are only part of the deal.

PRO-TINT provides a combination of efficiency and precision installation that will help your car look better and feel better to drivers and passengers alike. Darken your glass anywhere from 50 to 95 percent today to get a clean look that protects privacy, health, and the feeling of driving a luxury car.

From misty fog to celebrity charcoal, there’s a shade for every style.

The scratch-resistant polyethylene and UV protection packed into each microscopically thin film of our tint is only the starting point. Our premium dyes can fit any style and provide the value that separates a smart buy from a lemon. Other tints are much less durable and likely to discolor, but ours will turn heads for years to come! Whether you picture yourself cruising down the road in a sleek car or just want to match the factory privacy glass, we have a tint for you.

A stylish solution for today’s device-dependent world.

Durability and quality come from high-grade components such as color-stable dyes, potent adhesives, and scratch protection, while style comes from the sophisticated colors within.

Nano-ceramic technology provides the highest level of protection from solar heat, hazardous glare, and UV rays while still allowing those all-important electronic signals to function as they should. This automotive tint elevates your vehicle’s style and privacy while allowing you to stay connected to keyless entry, satellite radio, onboard navigation, smartphones, and tablets.

Welcome to the next generation of window tint.

What does it mean to be engineered for excellence? For FormulaOne Stratos, it means scientists hard at work testing and retesting materials and mixtures to increase comfort and reduce glare. This new technology features infrared absorbing properties that eliminate up to 63 percent of solar heat. You and your passengers’ driving experience will greatly increase as more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays never make it past the window tint. All the while, the tint will help reduce the fading and cracking of your interior that comes with UV ray exposure.

The Proprietary Hybrid-Matrix contains multiple layers with billions of particles designed to trap heat and send it outward through your glass. The nanoscopic particles within have infrared absorbing properties that yield maximum levels of heat dispersion while avoiding signal interference. The FormulaOne Stratos series is for the lovers of privacy and luxury within their own cars. If comfort is what you want, this tint is for you!

The LLumar AIR Series is an innovative clear Nano-Ceramic automotive tint that can be added to any automotive glass to improve visibility, reduce glare, block infrared radiation, and block 99% of harmful UV radiation.

It is a wonder why everyone, including car manufacturers, are not using LLumar AIR in every vehicle. The micro-thin coating of ceramic is a layer of nanoparticles that are barely visible. This means that you can use LLumar AIR to filter out harmful radiation and the heat that it generates without altering your vehicle’s appearance.

Adding LLumar AIR to windows will also increase their resistance against shattering. It was only recently that Federal lawmakers mandated that side windows be made with a laminated auto safety glass to prevent occupants from being thrown from their vehicles in collisions.

The beauty of LLumar AIR is that it can be added to even factory tint and classic cars. It even acts as an additional layer of protection in vehicles already fitted with laminated UV-resistant windows. When you consider the risks of acquiring skin cancer and the effects of premature aging, it makes sense to invest in the only tint that is proven to effectively filter out 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation rays.

This has a dual benefit because the LLumar AIR will reduce heat buildup in your interior during the summer months. The heat from the sun creates an inherent danger for young children and pets if they are inadvertently locked in the car. LLumar AIR also protects everyone’s health because it stops your upholstery from releasing dangerous byproducts leftover from the manufacturing process such as formaldehyde.

When you consider all the benefits of LLumar AIR and its universal compliance with all state tinting regulations, it is always an investment that is worth making. It is an instant upgrade to any automobile that solves a major problem and inherent weakness that all automobiles suffer from. Don’t live in the Stone Age when you can take advantage of this modern technological innovation.

Our LLumar AIR clear Nano-Films are the ideal solution for people who don’t want to have tinted windows for legal or aesthetic reasons. They are also the only solution for drivers who already have tint installed or for truck drivers who must abide by DOT window tinting laws but want maximum protection. LLumar AIR is compatible with any windows or tint and offers superior scratch-resistance that keeps your glass spotless and new throughout the life ownership.

No matter what shade of tint you may have, our clear tint will go on easy and improve the overall function. Even if you install it for the peace of mind regarding protection against skin cancer or the day to day heat dissipation, you will be pleased with the results. In fact, when you use our LLumar AIR Series, you won’t have to wear those high-definition sunglasses. The micro-thin layer acts as a virtual prism that is like the polarized and light refraction coatings on elite sunglasses. The only difference is that you have all that protection without any coloring of the glass needed.

This provides you with full 360-degree clarity and can prevent car accidents by saving your eyes from those blinding glares. In fact, because you can apply it clear, you won’t have to worry about obscured vision at nighttime. Dark tints can be taxing on the eyes and lead to dangerous driving situations when you must squint to see objects.

Investing in LLumar AIR may save you from hitting animals like deer and from running obscured stop signs and missing other critical road signs while navigating new environments. In addition, LLumar AIR may just save you from traffic tickets and other headaches that jack up your insurance premiums because it helps you spot cops and other emergency vehicles that are often obscured.


Only PRO-TINT offers LLumar FormulaOne Tier Window Films in Western North Carolina.

Your car reflects your personality and customizing it should be no different. Browse a wide selection of automotive films that will fit your lifestyle. LLumar window tint and paint protection film make for trustworthy protection and customization. You want the best, and we want you to have it.

Get ready for films engineered to premier standards across multiple styles and types. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, your ideal automotive film can be luxurious, practical or both. From the discreet to the dramatic, clear UV blocker and invisible paint protection won’t compromise the personalized tint you choose.

Want your car to stand out in the crowd? We can help you. Want a subtle look? We can do that, too. PRO-TINT can do it all and give you the privacy we all want more of to boot. If style is even remotely important, LLumar is the top name and PRO-TINT is the top shop in the game.

What to expect:

  • A wide variety of shades
  • Tints that maximize heat and UV protection
  • Protection from the sun’s damaging rays, including interior and skin damage
  • Films that can match and enhance factory private glass
  • Privacy for everyone and everything in the vehicle

We know that the right car can make driving an entirely new experience. Our goal is to help you enhance and prolong that experience as long as possible. With the best quality and premium protection, LLumar window tints and films will preserve value for years to come, and it’s all backed by our lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Block dangerous UV rays with UV window film for cars.

Window films can reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Did you know that U.S. Drivers have higher rates of skin cancer on the left sides of their bodies? Even though getting sunburned through a car window is rare, prolonged exposure to sunlight (like years of driving) exposes you to harmful UV rays that contribute to cancer and premature aging. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint for your home and vehicle as part of a comprehensive skin care plan.

Why worry about these risks if you don’t have to? Window tints block more than 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, keeping you happier and healthier for years to come.

Car tint for heat control won’t let excessive heat and glare ruin your ride.

Your next road trip just got a lot more comfortable.

We’ve all stepped into an unbearably hot car on a summer day. What’s more, we’ve all experienced the long road trip where the AC can’t keep up with the heat the sun forces into the interior of a car. The solution: LLumar window tint.

Besides cutting down on the blinding glare that accompanies sunny days, our window tint help ensure the comfort and safety of both driver and passengers. Tints range from light to dark depending on how much privacy and protection you want. Our goal is to help you drive in comfort, free from both the prying eyes of other motorists and the unforgiving heat of the sun.

Benefits of Automotive Film.

Whatever you drive, a paint protection film can offer you the extra defense you need against the wear and tear common to the road. At PRO-TINT, our products meet higher quality standards than our competitors. Here’ s just a few of the ways we can make your driving experience better.

  1. Color stability – One of our chief goals is making sure our products do not change color over time. Our proprietary formulas are designed to remain true to their original color over the years.
  2. Glare rejection – The sun is bright. We all know it, but what we can forget is how much of a glare sunlight can produce. Protective films drastically reduce the hazard of glare through infrared absorption.
  3. UV protection – Harmful rays are constantly being thrown at drivers and passengers. Keeping as many of them out as possible will reduce risks such as premature aging and skin cancer.
  4. Heat resistance – A hot car can be a moving torture box for those inside it. Tinting windows helps reduce the unforgiving heat the sun can give off and makes long and short trips cooler and more comfortable for everyone.
  5. No frequency interference – Our non-metalized ceramic window tints do not cause interference for keyless entry, radar detectors, mobile phones, and other devices that require access to electronic signals. We rely on the technology we use in and for our vehicles; LLumar makes sure that we can rely on them while still being safe and comfortable.

Our products come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty because we are confident that we offer the best. PRO-TINT is ready today to help you make you and your family safer. Enjoy riding in a car again, starting now and for years to come.