LLumar® Select Black

Unlike most paint protection films, LLumar Select Black PPF goes beyond durability and seamlessly transforms the appearance of any underlying color into a sleek, glossy black finish. This premium PPF not only offers robust protection but also provides ample customization opportunities in a single product. Whether you opt for a full wrap, stripes, or accents on various parts like mirrors, spoilers, or the hood, the choice is yours. Rest assured, your new look will undoubtedly turn heads and garner the attention it deserves.

Select Black PPF encompasses all the protective benefits of LLumar Platinum Gloss or Matte PPF. It acts as a formidable shield against rocks, salt, and other road debris, ensuring your vehicle remains unscathed. Additionally, this innovative film possesses self-healing properties, effortlessly erasing scratches with the heat from your engine or the sun.

Featuring a HydroGard topcoat, Select Black PPF resists dirt and discoloration, maintaining its pristine appearance over time. To safeguard your investment, LLumar provides a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty*, offering you peace of mind.

Select Black Paint Protection not only delivers durability and aesthetics but also presents a cost-effective alternative to custom paint. It surpasses the strength and protective capabilities of black vinyl, making it an ideal choice for car owners seeking both functionality and originality.

Elevate your vehicle’s style and protect it with LLumar Select Black PPF – the ultimate combination of unmatched protection and head-turning aesthetics.