Eastman Performance Films, LLC (Eastman) is excited to officially unveil a revolution in automotive film technology: Core by Eastman Performance Films, LLC. Core is a patent-pending, analytics-based software platform that goes beyond cutting software to support business operations, integrating desktop and mobile access for remarkable user freedom. Core is a modern, intuitive experience that offers a verified pattern process to deliver more accuracy and efficiency than ever before. It also serves as an entry point to a much broader global network, connecting businesses, industry peers, and Eastman specialists all in one place to improve productivity and knowledge sharing. Software developers involved dealers of paint protection film and window tint at multiple phases of Core software creation. Thousands of hours were invested to conduct testing and gather feedback around top features. The result is software that lives up to its name. Core centralizes and simplifies all the moving parts of business, putting Eastman customer needs first by assisting installers with work and dealers with oversight.