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LLumar FormulaOne Ceramic Tinting Packages that we offer:

FormulaOne Pinnacle: Our Most Popular Ceramic Film.  The Ultimate in Protection & Performance providing superior heat rejection & glare reduction.

  • Heat Rejection: 53%
  • IR Heat Rejection: up to 90%
  • Nano-Ceramic
  • Signal Enabling Technology
  • Free No Fault Warranty   
  • Transferable Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

FormluaOne Stratos: Top of the Line, Next Generation Window Tint. Innovative layers designed to trap heat & disperse it outward, providing maximum heat rejection without signal interference.

  • Heat Rejection: 63%
  • IR Heat Rejection: up to 97%
  • Hybrid Matrix Techonology
  • Advanced IR Absorbing Properties
  • Non-Metal Technology
  • No Signal Interference with Electronic Devices
  • Free No Fault Warranty for one window replacement
  • Transferable Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

LLumar Air series: Is a clear ceramic film that can be installed on your windshield for added UV Protection & Heat Rejection! Air Series is premium protection and comfort for you, your passengers, dashboard, interior, & electronics.

  • Heat Rejection: 43%
  • IR Heat Rejection: 86%
  • Glare Reduction: 13%
  • Micro Thin & barely detectable
  • Nano-Ceramic Technology

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