Introducing LLumar Valor Paint Protection Film

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  Did someone say easy clean? Before you can even pick up a wash mitt, self-healing Valor paint protection film starts cleaning on its own due to the super hydrophobic surface. It doesn’t get any easier than this. You’re welcome! Want to know more? Call 704-918-4520 or 336-315-1875 now or submit an online form

Eastman Introduces Core Film Installation Software

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Eastman Performance Films, LLC (Eastman) is excited to officially unveil a revolution in automotive film technology: Core by Eastman Performance Films, LLC. Core is a patent-pending, analytics-based software platform that goes beyond cutting software to support business operations, integrating desktop and mobile access for remarkable user freedom. Core is a modern, intuitive experience that offers

Most Common Areas Protected By Paint Protection Film

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Ever wondered where to apply Paint Protection Film? We can cover most painted surfaces, but this video highlights the most common areas covered with each of our products. LLumar PLATINUM Paint Protection Film has self-healing protection. LLumar PLATINUM EXTRA Paint Protection Film is a stronger, thicker film with our highest level of impact resistance in

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